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Instant Job Hunt Success Tips and Proven Strategies for LinkedIn

You already know by now that LinkedIn is one of the most successful and valuable professional networking websites around.
At the current time, it has 76 million members worldwide.
I cannot say enough good things about the results from this social media website for adults.
I get tons of feedback from my own experiences and from the experiences of my clients.
Therefore, I think this is a fair and accurate assessment.
Everybody knows if you want to go places professionally, you need a professional network to back you up, especially in a recession.
Even if you are an entrepreneur, like me you need some visibility to remind folks you are there as a valuable resource whenever the need arises.
It is this nationwide visibility that comes with a LinkedIn profile that is in fact so valuable.
A fringe benefit from LinkedIn's popularity as the professional networking website, is that Hiring Managers, HR Managers, Recruiters and Headhunters shop there for the best and brightest talent available.
Still because LinkedIn is primarily focused on networking first, everyone can post their profile there in plain sight for all to see without worrying about being stealthy.
Frankly, you amount to a grain of sand on a beach anyway, so know that your boss has 1000 other more important things to focus on.
Even if the boss were to inquire why you are there, it is for the networking of course.
It is good to keep in mind that seeking employment, extra part-time earnings or career advancement is never ever wrong, as you owe it to yourself and your family to provide to the best of your ability.
If your boss is paranoid, because you are a key employee, you will want to use the privacy settings available from the account settings menu on the top right.
You can make your current activity, which is normally published on your profile private.
Then you can make your connections private (only while you are actively employed and seeking work).
LinkedIn also sends out network updates once a week on your activity to all your connections.
To avoid informing your boss of all your clandestine job search activity, simply drop your boss and his assistants as connections (they are not notified and send you emails anyway) and/or discontinue your network updates.
Also, on the very bottom of your profile make sure it says you are not seeking new career employment opportunities by checking the appropriate box.
For some bizarre reason, which I have yet to fathom, many employers instruct their recruiters to only focus on candidates who are currently employed (passive job searchers).
Now you can join professional groups, local networking groups and job hunting groups and network your way to a job to your heart's content without alerting your employer.
One important point I would like to stress is that your online profile should be of superb quality and/or professionally written to make you stand out among the masses seeking employment.
LinkedIn also recently came up with a premium job hunter membership for a reasonable monthly fee.
This may also be of great benefit as it allows you to appear first in search results and allows you unlimited access to other important features like the people search.
Also note when you have a larger network, a healthy number of best answer awards and recommendations you are much more attractive to prospective employers.
Fully optimizing your profile is most helpful.
Finally, the jobs postings on this website have the employees who are also in your network listed just to the right of the actual job description and required qualifications.
LinkedIn must be the most helpful free career advancement service available anywhere in my humble opinion.
Good luck in your job hunt my friends.

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