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Reduce Mess Within an Organization by Managing Data Using Hadoop MapReduce

Every organization, regardless of its year of establishment, popularity, work profile and nature of business, requires correct management of data in order to perform well and get desired results. In fact, the popular and established an organization, the higher is the amount of data present. The task and employee performance is based solely on the basis of data present within an organization; therefore, it must be well updated and correctly distributed. Previously, organizations used to track information using various expensive methods that were eventually increasing the overall cost to the company.

Thanks to Google, it has created the concept of Hadoop MapReduce, which is known to reduce the overall data management task by distributing various large data clusters in small data clusters so that the data can easily be managed within an organization. IT is an open source software framework, which means that organizations can easily manage the data present without increasing the cost to the company.

The distributed computing abilities of Hadoop are actual result of two major software frameworks namely the MapReduce and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) provides swift data transfer between numerous computer nodes and also permits quick and continuous operation even while the event of node failure happens. Apart from this, MapReduce distributes all the data processing over all these nodes; hence, reduces the workload that is present on different computer systems and also permitting for computations and analysis way beyond the capabilities of an individual network or a computer system.

If explained through an example, the process of Hadoop architecture and Hadoop ecosystem can be understood accurately. Suppose, the popular social networking site Face-book uses MapReduce technology to perform the analysis of user behavior, activities and advertisement tracking, which amounts around 21 petabytes of the information. Along with social networking sites such as Facebook, other users that use this system are: Yahoo, Google, IBM etc. for the process of advertising and in order to use in search engines.

If used properly, the process of Hadoop MapReduce can help you get desired results without costing anything to the company. Although, it is an open source software framework, it is highly advisable that you browse through to read MapReduce tutorials and other significant information because the process is extremely complicated. You may also opt for Hadoop training, which is given by various experts online. Search more about technology in order to make the most out of your data in the organization.

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