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How to Put a Timeline in Microsoft PowerPoint

    • 1). Open a blank slide in PowerPoint. Click on the "Insert" tab, and then click "SmartArt" in the "Illustrations" section.

    • 2). Click "Process" from the list of options on the left, and then choose a type of timeline from the options -- for example, "Basic Timeline." The timeline is inserted into the slide.

    • 3). Click the tab on the left side of the timeline with the left and right arrows. This is the "Text Pane" where you can enter the items for your timeline. Press "Enter" after typing the first item to create a new one or move to the next one in the list.

    • 4). Click the "SmartArt Tools" tab, and choose either the "Design" tab or the "Format" tab under it. On the "Design" tab, you can adjust the "Layout" and "Color" of the timeline as well as the "SmartArt Style" that's used. Under the "Format" tab, you can tweak the font, fill and border options.

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