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The Right Way to Market to Your Prospects

It doesn't matter what size business you have, or what it is you sell, effective marketing is the element that could make the difference between success and failure.
But it's important to get your marketing strategy right.
One of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make is to focus their marketing messages on their company and themselves rather than the customer.
The fact is, to attract attention, you need to solve the issues that your prospects are having.
That's why they visit your website or business premises.
They want help.
They want to buy a product or service which will solve a problem.
If all you do is say "Welcome to our Website", we've been in business for X years and we offer these products and services, then you're not proving that you can help.
This approach doesn't pass the "So What" question.
It shows that your focus is on you, not on your potential customers.
A Better Approach It doesn't matter how great you are, you're customers want assurance that you can help them.
The better approach is to be customer centric and to show your prospects and customers that THEY are the most important focus for you.
You website home page needs to demonstrate quickly and clearly that you understand their problems or needs and that you have the solution.
If they don't see this quickly, they'll move on to a competitors site.
What you want to do on your home page is entice them to find out more and lead them to other areas of your site where you demonstrate how you will help and why you're the best choice.
It's exactly the same when you're selling face to face.
You don't go in all guns blazing about what a great company you are do you?You first find out what your prospect needs, and what is important to them.
Your website needs to do the same.
When To Talk About Yourself Once your prospect can see that you provide what they want, then they'll be looking for credibility and proof.
Your about page is where you provide credibility.
This is where you differentiate yourself from all your competitors and showcase your expertise, skills, experience, qualifications and awards.
Your Testimonial or Case Study pages, and perhaps a rating system, is where you provide proof.
Proof lessens risk and is crucial for winning trust.
Proof from other people holds far more weight than anything you say about yourself.
Learn from the Masters There is no secret that you can learn a lot from the success of others.
So here are some tips I've drawn from the marketing strategies of two enormously successful companies:
  1. Microsoft
  2. Amazon
When Microsoft first launched Windows, its' clear message was that this was an operating system that would make computers accessible for all.
The fact that the brand was good was secondary.
While it was important, what was more important was that the system would make it easier for everyone to use a personal computer and therefore be more productive and achieve more than ever before.
Amazon's approach is even more direct, telling potential customers that they would "help" them shop more effectively...
and more recently, publish more easily and successfully.
By focusing on the needs of their customers and ensuring they make it easy and delightful to shop online, they have achieved greater success than their competitors.
While Amazon started off as an on-line bookshop, it has become the biggest online retailer ever.
Both companies recognized (like successful entrepreneurial businesses do) that the key to effective marketing is to understand the wants, needs, fears and frustrationsthat their prospects and customers face and to deliver products and services that solve their issues and provide them with what they want.
And to do it better than their competitors.

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