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Temp Cover - What You Need To Know

If you want to learn more about the temporary car insurance market then read on.
We are going to discuss temp cover and how it can be used to provide your short term insurance needs.
Generally people do not pay much interest to insurance until they need to get insured, this is true for insuring your car as well.
So you may want to know how temp cover works and what it can be used for.
You may also be interested to know what the limitations of this type of cover are.
So what exactly does temp cover mean, what types of insurance are classed in this group? Generally car insurance has always been sold in yearly contracts which have either had to be paid for all up front or paid in monthly instalments that attract interest and often administration charges.
A temporary policy allows you to buy cover over shorter period.
The various policies allow you to get insured anywhere from just 1 single day up to a total of 8 months.
The two groups of temporary cover are daily that cover you from 1 to 28 days and monthly from 1 to 8 months.
These policies can be purchased online just like any other policy and you can get the same type of coverage.
This type of cover is ideal if you do not own a car and want to borrow one and get yourself insured to drive it.
You can use it to insure yourself to drive your own car, great if you are a student or have a car you use infrequently.
As with all types of policy there are some limitations.
With the daily types of policy as the cover is over such a short period there are some restrictions.
The main one is age, if you are under 25 it can be difficult to get a policy.
The reason for this is that under 25's are considered a high risk group and underwriters are not willing to expose themselves to this risk.
There are some types of car that cannot be insured under this type of temporary cover.
If you have a car this is in one of the high insurance groups, have a modified car or a classic car you will to approach a specialist insurer for your coverage.
With a monthly policy there are some good benefits of taking out a policy rather than a yearly one.
Firstly you can pay monthly and there is no minimum term, no cancellation fees and no deposit.
You are also able to earn a years no claims after only 8 months which is great if you are trying to reduce the cost of your standard annual coverage.

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