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3 Keys to Building Self Esteem

Self esteem is the core value with which you view yourself.
Many people, especially women, seem to struggle with seeing themselves as valuable in the world.
Here are 3 tips and a strategy for building self esteem and improving self confidence from inside out.
First, make a list of the top 3 things that you do well.
Look beyond your appearance.
Are you good with helping people in distress? Do you love pets and animals? Have you discovered a talent for a certain task or hobby that you enjoy? It may be something unique to you.
You don't need to be like everyone else to have great value to yourself and to the world at large (even if some few people in the world feel the need to criticize you).
Second, ask yourself if you are someone who likes being with other people or not? The world has all types of people in it, and the world needs them all for balance.
Some are introverts and are most comfortable spending more time by themselves and reflecting on their inner experiences.
Some people are extraverts -- they need and want to be around other people a great deal of time.
It nurtures introverts to restore themselves daily by having alone time, and it nurtures extraverts to fulfill themselves by being with friends and family they enjoy.
If you let another person tell you what they think is good for you, you may hear advice that is good for them, but not for you.
Be an individual -- be yourself, above all.
Third, if you are down on yourself a lot, think about whose opinion you have taken.
Is it your opinion? Is it just the opinion of someone else who has told you all about your faults and flaws over and over? The person who is constantly criticizing you probably has their own insecurities, and it makes them feel better about themselves to tear you down.
But nothing gives anyone the right to tear down another person emotionally or physically.
If someone feels the need to attack you emotionally or physically, that is their problem, their stuff, not yours.
If you behave fairly toward others, it is up to them to behave fairly towards you.
If they don't, if they blame you, it is OK for you to put up a mirror and let their criticisms of you just bounce back at them.
In the end, it is themselves they are criticizing, not you.
You don't need to take on their insecurities that they claim are your weaknesses.
Let them keep their own problems to themselves.
One of the best ways to have a steady friend who lets you spout off on whatever topic you want is to take up journaling.
You can keep a journal either by writing in a private notebook or computer file or even by recording your own voice with a small portable recorder.
Every week, review what you have talked about and look for themes.
If they are negative about you, ask yourself whose voice that criticism comes from? Is it a parent? A sibling? A friend? In the end, does it serve you to accept what they are saying about you or to believe your true inner voice, the accepting voice, the non-critical voice, the one that knows you are doing the best you can in life and trying to grow and change.
Improving self esteem is a challenge that many of us face, but you can overcome the obstacles and the negative voices to develop self confidence.
It is a gradual process, but it can happen.

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