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Anti Bark Collar Stops Barking Dogs

A constantly barking dog annoys neighbours, keeps you awake at night and can disturb people when they walk by your home.
If you have a problem dog, one thing that you can do to immediately stop their barking is use an anti bark collar.
Some people find that using an anti bark collar not only provides instant relief but can sometimes even permanently cure this bad habit forever.
The three main types of anti bark collars are: o The Static Shock Collar o The Sonic Dog Collar o The Spray Dog Collar The Static Shock Collar has been around for the longest time.
It's often seen as being quite inhumane because it sends a static shock into the dog's throat when it goes off.
Also, many times the collar is activated by the sounds of other dogs barking, or even other loud noises around the dog.
Not only does that hurt the dog, but is pretty ineffective as far as teaching the dog not to bark.
A sonic dog collar gives off a sound of high frequency once the dog begins to bark.
In fact, the sound is usually at such a high frequency that humans can't even hear it.
The dog, however, can hear it and generally does not like the sound at all.
Thus, every time the dog barks he hears a high frequency sound which causes him to associate his barking with an unpleasant experience.
This makes the sonic collar quite effective in stopping the problem barker.
There are also remote sonic devices that can help control a barking next-door-neighbor dog too.
Another favourite is the spray collar.
These are quite common and pretty easy to pick up at pet shops or vets and they're available on line also.
When a dog starts barking, the collar releases a spray that shoots up and hits the dog's nozzle.
This surprises the dog and usually he stops barking and starts trying to find out where the spray came from.
At the same time, the spray hits the dog under the chin which also feels disagreeable to the dog.
Many spray collars today use citronella spray which dogs generally do not like.
The anti bark collar costs anywhere from $40 up to over $100 depending on the type of collar you choose.
Remote collars (collars that can be activated remotely, at a distance) are usually more expensive than the regular ones.
Some shops also offer a discount if the collar does not meet up to your expectations.
Collars also usually come with instructions on how to use them to train your dog not to bark.
The anti bark collar is a useful training aid and can be just what's needed to see you and your dog through a rough patch and to help train your dog not to habitually bark.
Whatever the cause, though, of your dog's barking it is important to take special note of anything in his surroundings that could be causing him to bark, or causing him discomfort or pain as there may be a genuine reason your dog is barking.

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