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Disadvantage of Using PayPal Credit Card

Shopping online is nothing new and there are millions of customers transacting every minute. To facilitate online activities like selling and buying of good, the company like PayPal introduced the concept of transferring funds electronically. PayPal allows you to accept credit cards online payments easily. You can use PayPal buttons to buy a product, donate money to an organization, subscribe and to add to cart. PayPal credit card payment service has many hidden charges, which the customer comes to know about only after they are involuntarily taken off their account.
PayPal credit card is like any other regular card. You can swipe it to make a purchase. The transaction fees are deducted by PayPal when you use their credit card. The charge may vary from one country to another, but generally it has been noticed that the fees imposed on the PayPal customers are high than the regular taxes. Besides this, if you try to use or access your credit card account from a suspicious region, then PayPal will block for certain period of time. There are lots of other disadvantages of using this card than the advantages.
Disadvantage of using PayPal
PayPal freezes your account if it finds some suspicious activity in your account. It takes almost 6 months to recover your account. During this time, the merchants cannot withdraw or use the funds from their accounts. Your account will be limited or frozen, if you have any fraudulent charges. If you are subjected to it, then you can only withdraw and transfer a limited amount as specified by the company. Some of the disadvantages of using PayPal credit card Payment gateway are mentioned below:
If your monthly sales volume is soaring, then you may have to pay high fees for each transaction. They do not offer you any discount for it.
€ Without any prior information your accounts will be frozen
€ After a PayPal disagreement, Customers can keep the product even if they have received refund amount from the concerned seller.
€ You cannot appeal further to the PayPal Company once it has been declared disputed
€ Customer service is very poor and the PayPal users find it difficult to reach them on time on a phone.
€ PayPal takes more time to clear a dispute against a person

There are many unresolved cases registered against PayPal, but no actions have been taken to investigate and provide suitable solutions to the clients. PayPal credit card users have to be very careful while using it. If the company continues to run the business in this state, then it is time to seek the help of other reliable sources.

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