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Characteristics of a Successful Inclusive Classroom


    • Inclusiveness originally referred to including disabled students in regular public classrooms. The concept has spread to encompass the inclusion of girls in math and science classes and the inclusion of students with very poor English language skills in general classes. Everybody can benefit from education and the school should bend to accommodate specific students---not the other way around.


    • One hallmark of successful inclusion in the classroom is peer involvement. The other students should voluntarily help disabled students or students with low skill levels of any kind, which is an attitude that can be taught. Students must learn that diversity is a rich source of insight. If you can teach them to have a respect for diversity and a willingness to help others, your job as an inclusive teacher will be much easier.

    Room Display

    • Sometimes children spend more time interacting with the actual classroom than with the teacher. You should always choose room decorations and classroom resources with an eye for diversity. Try to view your room through the eyes of each student. A good administrator can tell how inclusive a classroom is by looking at it when there are no students or teachers present.

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