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A Keelboat Ride Back in Time

Where oh where have the good ol' days gone? Well, if you want to go back to the time of Lewis and Clark, a ride on a keelboat on the upper Missouri River is pretty close.
Before steamboats came along, traders used keelboats to haul their cargo on rivers like the Ohio, the Mississippi and the Missouri.
When Lewis and Clark hit the upper Missouri River leg of their expedition, they used a keelboat.
Bringing back those days of keelboat travel, the Upper Missouri River Keelboat Company offers 1 day tours or 3-4 day tours, following in the footsteps, er sail steps? of those famous explorers, Lewis and Clark.
And not much has changed along the river since they were there in 1805.
Sure there might be an airplane fly overhead and digital cameras hadn't been invented yet, but the scenery and the wildlife remain pretty much the same.
As does the mode of transportation.
The keelboat "Gen.
Ashley" is a 38 foot replica of the keelboats that were used in the fur trade on the upper Missouri.
It is especially built for shallow water.
And for even more authenticity, it is manned by a crew of three in period dress.
They'll teach you all about keelboating, too, so you'll be an "expert" by the time your ride is over.
So how about it? You want to take a voyage back in time? Try a keelboat for a different perspective of life like it used to be way back when! The Upper Missouri River Keelboat Company is in Loma, MT.
Call 1-888-721-7133 for more info.

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