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Sixth Grade Math Study Tips

    Take Responsibility

    • Attend class every day if at all possible, as each class builds on previous ones. When in class, give the instructor your undivided attention. Ask questions if you don't understand any part of the lesson or are uncertain about procedures. Teachers don't mind answering questions and are glad to see students who are interested. Remember, other students probably want to know the same thing but may not ask. Keep in mind that test questions are based on material from the text book in addition to examples covered in class, so take complete notes. Read the textbook and complete all homework assignments on time. Learn the key concepts when they are taught to avoid having to memorize so much.

    Do Homework

    • Complete your homework independently, if possible. Allow yourself adequate time to grasp the concept and know how to work the problems before attempting the assignment. Challenging material will require more time, so be prepared and don't try to rush through it. Always choose a quiet place to do your work where interruptions can be kept to a minimum. Completing homework is an important study habit because math requires practice; concepts are learned by doing problems. Homework helps you learn formulas and techniques and also improves your ability to solve problems more efficiently.

    Be Prepared

    • Preview your textbook for all new words and concepts and try to learn them by making a list to study. Work ahead in your book and try to get some problems done before going to class. Memorize important facts, rules and formulas. Form a study group to discuss problems outside of class.

    Start Early

    • Start studying as soon as you know you will be having a test. Teachers usually give advance warning of several days to a week before giving a test, and more time is given when scheduling a final. Begin reviewing your class notes and work some of the problems you completed as homework, just to familiarize yourself with them again. Go over the problems included in the textbook but cover up the solutions and do a self-check. Review all techniques and make certain you understand which techniques are to be used with each type of problem. Take a pretend test by working problems from chapter review sections before checking the answers. This is a good way to determine what you need to be concentrating on.

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