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How to Remove the Rear Tire on a Honda Goldwing

    • 1). Lay down a large piece of carpeting or other soft fabric for the motorcycle to rest on while you work. The bike will not be on its kickstand since the stand does not raise the rear wheel high enough off the ground to remove it.

    • 2). Tip the motorcycle slowly and carefully toward the fabric or carpet and lay it on its side. You may want to ask a friend for help to prevent accidentally damaging your Goldwing. The bike should rest on the chrome guards, not on the plastic.

    • 3). Use a socket wrench or combination wrench to reach behind the left rear fender and undo the fender mounting bolts. With the fender off of the motorcycle, you should see the five lug nuts that hold the rear wheel onto the bike.

    • 4). Use a combination wrench or large socket wrench to remove the five lug nuts holding the rear wheel in place. Loosen and remove the axle to allow the wheel to slide out of the rear of the motorcycle.

    • 5). Replace the rear wheel by setting it back in place, replacing the axle and the five lug nuts then tightening them securely. Replace the fender and the bike is ready to go. Be sure all bolts are tightened to avoid a crash or other failure at the rear of the bike.

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