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What You Need to Know about the 255 Walbro Fuel Pump

The 255 Walbro fuel pump is an excellent choice for car owners in search of great value for their money. Designed to replace fuel pumps that are difficult to find or are too expensive, it can be installed without modification in more than 10,000 vehicle models.

Before Walbro introduced the 255LPH model into the market, manufacturers have already been making OEM and aftermarket replacement parts for around 50 years. The 255LPH pump is one of the in-tank high pressure models the company added to its aftermarket line of high performance pumps. It is also one of the two models that can be used in racing vehicles, the other one being the 190LPH model.

The 255 Walbro comes in two types: regular and high-pressure. The regular version is typically used as an inexpensive replacement, as it follows the original standards of the vehicle's manufacturer. The high pressure models are used for race cars or vehicles that are used for towing.

In terms of performance, the regular model can accommodate up to 35 gallons of fuel every hour at 80 pounds per inch (psi). On the other hand, the high pressure version, since it is used in high stress or load bearing environments, can withstand up to 80 pounds of pressure from the fuel in the engine and can accommodate up to 50 gallons of fuel. These features were integrated in the 255 Walbro to make it suitable for more applications.

Car owners are assured of utmost quality with the 255 pump, because like all Walbro pumps, it has a quality standard 9000 (QS9000) certification. Major car manufacturers like General Motors, Chrysler and Ford have established certification standards to ensure the consistency of the pump's performance across different car models and brands.

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