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How to Change the Serpentine Belt on 2006 Town and Country

    • 1). Open the Town and Country's hood and look for the belt routing diagram sticker, which is usually on the fan shroud or underside of the hood. This sticker illustrates how the serpentine belt routes around the various pulleys and also shows you where the belt tensioner is located.

    • 2). Grab the top of the serpentine belt tensioner with the belt tensioner wrench and move the tensioner pulley off the belt. Slip the belt out of the tensioner pulley's travel path with your free hand.

    • 3). Pull the belt off the rest of the accessory pulleys by hand. Depending on your physical size and dexterity, you may need to access the lower pulleys and crankshaft pulley through the right-front wheel well or from underneath the minivan.

    • 4). Compare the size of the new belt with the old belt by stretching the two to their full lengths. The old belt should not be any shorter or more than 1 inch longer than the new belt.

    • 5). Route the new belt around the crankshaft pulley and then look at the illustration on the belt routing diagram to see which pulley to route it around next. Continue this until you've run the belt around every pulley except the tensioner pulley.

    • 6). Grab the tensioner with the tensioner wrench one more time and move it aside again. Slip the new belt over the tensioner pulley with your free hand and hold it there while you slide the tensioner back into place. Pull the wrench out and close the hood.

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