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When Backsliding is a A Good Thing

I had a very interesting conversation with a client this week.
She was very concerned that the high hopes and optimism she had been feeling a few weeks ago had almost drained away and she was not sure what she was doing.
If any of you are in the same boat then take heart: I believe this is not a 'fault' in you, but a necessary part of adjusting to any major change.
One of the things I speak about a lot is our attitude to success and why we are often as afraid, if not more so, of being a great success than we are of failing.
Why would this be? Well, most of us are neither a great success nor a terrible failure, but we inhabit the middle ground with occasional forays over the line to each extreme and frankly we are comfortable there.
All change requires us to go out of our comfort zone and the biggest challenge can be facing the fact that we are afraid not of how we would cope with success, but how our partners, friends, colleagues and family will react.
A consistent theme among those who achieve sudden fame or wealth is that they are cut off from their old life and haven't yet forged the new one.
The sadness, or questioning of ourselves that goes on then is a necessary part of the adjustment.
We need to be asking what I call the three essential coaching questions: 1.
What do you want to keep in your life? 2.
What do you want to change? 3.
What do you want more of? By asking those questions you will be able to move forward with more confidence, and certainly more self-knowledge.

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