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Female Seduction Techniques - How Should I Approach Women?

When you approach a woman you simply mean that you say something to her, and she hears it.
That's it! That's the definition of an approach! They don't even have to respond! So why am I pointing out the obvious? Because the number one biggest obstacle you will have to handling this will be getting over this obstacle.
However, it is not really an obstacle after all.
The only real obstacle is your own imagination.
You go into it picturing the worst and fearing failure, when all you need to do is make some kind of initiation.
You probably have spent years trying to make perfect your approach, but the bad news is that you never will.
What is the definition of an effective approach? Saying something to someone new, and having them respond back positively.
You have to understand that I am not necessarily talking about a seduction approach.
Just anything, anywhere will do...
for now.
Take off your watch, find the prettiest girl you can and just ask for the time, then smile, say thank you and walk away.
Then take some time to reflect.
Was it a pleasant interaction, would you have appreciated a longer conversation with that girl? If the answer is yes, then that is good.
Next time you might practice a different approach like one that might lead to something.
But what you need to remember is that is does not have to lead to anything, at this stage, you are just practicing.
Next time, maybe a girl who is not necessarily your object of burning desire but try something different like, "nice weather today" I know it is corny but the more your practice the more comfortable you will be.

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