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Get to Know The People of London

Tourists and people new to London tend to worry so much about how they should look, talk and act to fit in with the Londoners.
To tell you frankly, there's no need for changing the way you look.
Well of course, you need to have thick jackets and layers to help you get through with the freezing cold weather which often blights London.
As the center of British Empire, London has had huge immigration in 20th century.
People from neighboring places like Caribbean, India and other parts of Middle East continue to move to the city.
For that, you have to be prepared for the diversity, as you will meet people from all walks of life, language, and accents on a daily basis.
Be sensitive In the city of London, and in any other places in England, stereotypes of what represents "English-ness" don't work, thus you have to be extra careful in your simple assumption as to where someone is from.
To give you an idea, there are over 350 languages spoken around the city, that's 100 more than in the city of New York.
Also, Asian and Black children outnumber the White kids in London by 2 to 1.
There's also a wide range of different religions and beliefs, from usual to the odd, from agnostics to devout, fundamentalists and even non-believers.
A single carriage of a tube (subway train) for example, can carry tourists, Londoners, and English citizens with different cultures.
Be more open-minded In addition, don't get intimidated by Londoner's reserved nature.
Like other citizens in other fast-paced cities of the world, Londoners live fast-paced, and nine times out of ten, you see them fixated on what they're doing or where they're heading.
Londoners are more of reserved than snobbish, and they can be hesitant if you too much personal info at first meeting.
It can be quite difficult for emotionally expressive tourists to interpret a Londoner.
But don't mistake them for being hostile to tourists, as they can be very helpful too, just don't assume one to start a conversation on the Tube with strangers.
Take your time when meeting and talking to people in the city and never get into your personal problems and life story for at least 20 minutes after meeting.
Establishing a good level of familiarity is crucial and Londoner's restraint become less tough.
Make friends with the locals via social media sites If at all possible, make some social contacts before you actually arrive in the city, social media sites are your best bet to do this.
Also, there are dedicated sites for meeting people in London with a mixture of locals, residents, workers, business owners, students, tourists and everything in between.
Note that these are not dating sites; rather socializing place for people in the city.
Though most Londoners are busy and fixated with their daily lives, there are many people out there who are extremely sociable and likes meeting up for a friendly dinner and welcoming visitors to the city.

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