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2014 Rossignol Ski Boots

Rossignol (buy direct) has the Radical World Cup, Pursuit Sensor, Synergy Sensor, Alias Sensor men's models and the Electra Sensor, Vita Sensor and the Kiara Sensor ladies models. As well as many Junior series with over 35 models to look at.

Rossignol 2013/2014 Ski Boots

Rossignol's race version is pure and narrow, the Radical World Cup SI ZC (150), Radical World Cup SI ZB (130), Radical World Cup SI ZA (120) and the Radical World Cup SI ZJ (110) are the actual world cup race boot, and in 92mm width will need custom fitting.

There are different flexes available depending on the level of plastic chosen. The Radical WC 130 at 97mm is a more realistic option.

Other options include the Radical World Cup SI 110, Radical JR WC SI 90, and the Radical World Cup SI 70 are all available in the narrow 97 mm width. The Radical JR 65 is available in a 101 mm width.

The Pursuit series has the Pursuit Synergy 130, Pursuit Synergy 110 and the Pursuit 90 all at 100 mm width. These are good fitting boots for the right feet and will ski with great performance.

Rossignol gets wider with the Synergy Sensor series including the Synergy Sensor 120, Synergy Sensor 100 and the Synergy Sensor 80 all available in the 102 mm width. Then they get wider yet with the Alias Sensor 120, Alias Sensor 100 and the Alias Sensor 80 all in the 104 mm wider shape. The wider the boots the less performance but more comfort is possible.

Rossignol has added a walk mode back country series with the All Track Pro models. Replaceable super grip soles and other options abound in the All Track Pro 130, the All Track Pro 110 and the All Track Pro 100 all with 100 mm width.

Then the All Track 120, the All Track 100 and the All Track 90 are available in the wider 102 mm forefoot.

Their all mountain Experience SI 130 men's advanced side country option is nice and tight in the 97 mm forefoot width. They offer two up right park boots with the EVO 90 and the EVO 70. These are 104 mm wide so big and soft for tricks. Other park options include the TMX 120 and the TMX 90 in 100 mm width.

Women's Ski Boots

Rossignol has always made ladies options and their top option is the Electra SI 110 with a tight 97mm width. The Electra Sensor 90 and Electra Sensor 80 are great ladies options with 100mm width also. The Vita Sensor 80, Vita Sensor 70 and Vita Sensor 60 are wider at 102mm and nice and soft.

They add a wider option for ladies with the Kiara Sensor 80, Kiara Sensor 70 and the Kiara Sensor 60 all at 104mm width. These are big and loose, but warm and comfy offering less performance with more comfort possible. They have a three buckle ladies option with the Kelia 50 also in 104 mm width.

They brought the back country models for the ladies with the All Track Pro 110 W, the All Track Pro 90 W, the All Track Pro 80 W all in the 100 mm width and the All Track 70 W in the 102 mm forefoot width.

Junior Ski Boots

Rossignol has good junior race boots available with the Radical World Cup SI 110, Radical World Cup SI 90 and the Radical World Cup SI 70 all in the narrow 97 mm width and Radical JR 65 at 101 mm width. They also have softer junior boys and girls boots including the Comp J4 (50), Fun Girl 4 (50), Comp J3 (40), Fun Girl 3 (40), the R18 (20) boys and the R18 (20) girls.

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