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How To Lose Belly Fat...the Handbook

Your diet should be a "Fat Burner ".
You want to lose fat because you want to know how to get perfect abs right? Well,a low-carbohydrate diet is not only a health diet to lose weight fast, it's the most effective way to burn the pounds of fat from the body.
WHY? ..... Because the body burns fat in the following arrangement:
A. Carbohydrates (from your diet and stored glycogen)
B. Fat (from your diet and present body fat)
C. Protein (from your diet and existing muscle tissue)

What does this mean in real life? Say you eat lasagne with beef meatballs for lunch. In a simplified instance, the first thing that get's burned off is the pasta (carbs). Then the fat in the beef and sauce : Afterward; if you continue to work it off.. The protein in the beef and if that gets burned off, protein from your available muscle tissue.....As a rule you do not want that! But if you want to get to the fat burning function, it is essential tostart by limiting the carb intake.

The advantage of doing this is beside being a healthy diet plan, in a few days your body will flip a metabolic switch "and become a fat-burning machine. At this point the fat you eat is burned off first, and subsequently begins to burn away body fat as a core energy source. Of course you do not want to consume copious amounts of fat now, and you do not have to go to zero carbs for positive results. Anything under 100 grams of carbohydrates we name "low-carb", but preferably under 60 grams will produce even greater outcome.

With the low-fat diet (which by nature is a high-carb diet), when the food calories are burned the body will burn a mixture of both fat and muscle (protein). Since muscle is "metabolically active" it burns calories all day long just by being in action .. . . So it would be a disaster for the dieter if he or she were to use up this tissue. Their metabolism would slow down continuously over time.

This is one of the main reasons that low-fat diets often only "temporarily" produce results. You shed some pounds, but then it stops working (as your metabolism has gone down) and the pounds pile back on .. And then some!

Tons of cardio, right? Wrong.

Excessive cardiovascular exercise will also put the body in a state where it breaks down lean muscle tissue (catabolism). So the question is how will we complement our fat-burning nutritional approach with a fat-burning exercise plan?

This is called "interval training", or more precisely "High Intensity Interval Training." ( Or HIIT ) "The theory is to achieve a form of cardio in" fits and starts ".. . . . So exercise a interval of lower intensity then a interval of elevated intensity.


Research shows that this kind of Hi to low exercise format burns more fat than a constant speed of cardio, as a rule by roughly 50%. Actually in one breakdown a nine-fold increase in fat loss for "HIIT" compared to the low-medium intensity cardio.

Concerning abdominal fat in particular, research has shown (although the reason is unclear at this point) that HIIT can produce more fat loss in this area of the body than other areas making it a superior how to lose belly fat exercise.
And get this .. . . . HIIT need only be performed in 10-20 minutes at a time.So you can see how it's multi beneficial!

Hopefully you can see that this groundbreaking approach to exercise and diet will work together as a truly effective fat-loss plan.

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