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Buyer" s Attraction Marketing - Opening The Floodgates Of Traffic! Part One

Now that you've got your keyword research completed and your site optimized for conversion and sales, it's time to start opening the floodgates of traffic and make all this work pay off! There are many ways to generate traffic to your sites, but in this article we'll discuss the two most prevalent: pay per click and organic Web traffic.

The way these two are most often described is by saying that PPC is "paid" traffic and that organic is "free." That is not quite true, however. There is a cost associated with the Web content creation in terms of time and, perhaps, real dollars if you outsource the task.

The primary difference between them, however, is more long term. The click that I buy today I'll have to buy again to tomorrow and so on; whereas the content for my site that I create will have a much longer life span, drawing visitors to my site for perhaps years! This is why we prefer organic traffic for our purposes as opposed to having to buy Web traffic.

The basics of getting organic "free" Web traffic are actually very simple. You put content on the Web with links to your site, promote it like the dickens, and then repeat the process. Over time you'll reap the benefits of not only the cumulative effect of all that Web content but the backlinks they bring as well!

Where do we put all this content? You post it on your blog, put it on your static Web sites, create Web 2.0 properties on your subject, and point them toward your site. You make videos; publish to article directories and Web directories; and publish to your social sites as well. Today there are innumerable places on which to place your words (and links!), and the problem becomes not so much where to put it but how to find time to do it. (That's where outsourcing comes in.)

Let's look at three types of Web content that can work wonders for your organic marketing.

Article Marketing - One of the easiest entries into Web marketing is by starting an article-writing campaign. If you write, you're two steps ahead. Simply begin creating content and do it on a regular basis. Use the keywords you have decided on previously and craft compelling articles designed to not only get visitors to your site but also to pre-sell them on the ideas or products you're selling. We'll get into how you can distribute this content in Part Two.

Create Web 2.0 Properties - Web 2.0 properties are basically sites that you don't own that allow you to use them as a blogging or content platform. Some great examples are Squidoo, HubPages, Blogger, Multiply, and many more. The beauty of these sites is that they already have an established authority in the search engines and will rank well. You may find that (many times) the content you put on these sites will rank higher than your own pages. This is okay; we want to control as much virtual real estate as possible.

Video Marketing - Video marketing is fast becoming a major part of organic traffic. Having a viral video on either YouTube or your own site can change fortunes. Don't ignore this rapidly growing segment! There are ways around having to appear on video if this is a concern. Slideshow videos - especially where you repurpose your articles by reading them on a video - are one way. There are many others. Get creative!

In Part Two we'll get into where and how to distribute your content for the most effect. Writing it is good. Getting it seen everywhere is awesome!

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