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How to Repair a PS3 Disk Error

    • 1). Place a soft towel down on a table. Remove the power cord and all other cables from the PS3. Put the PS3 down on the soft towel face face up.

    • 2). Gently wiggle the jeweler's screwdriver into the seam between the case and the hard-drive side panel on the right side of the PS3. Remove the side panel, and put it aside.

    • 3). Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the small blue screw that is near the bottom of the now-exposed metal plate. Put the screw aside.

    • 4). Open the metal hatch by pulling it off the metal plate using the jeweler's screwdriver. Wiggle the hard drive using your fingers, and pull the hard drive straight out of the PS3's case.

    • 5). Wipe the sides, top and bottom of the hard drive with the soft cloth. Wipe the contacts at the back of the hard drive with the camel's hair brush. Blow out the hard-drive compartment using the compressed air.

    • 6). Reinsert the hard drive into the hard-drive compartment. Close the metal hatch, and reattach the blue screw. Put the cover on the hard-drive compartment. Plug the power cord into the PS3, and attach all of the cables that were removed earlier. Turn on the PS3, and enjoy using the hard drive that has been reset and will no longer display disk errors.


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