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Eye On Safety - Goggles for Dogs

We've all seen dogs dressed to the nines in shirts, sweaters, hats, and even shoes.
But eyewear for dogs? Really? Of course! Your dog can certainly make a fashion statement with dog eyewear, but more importantly this latest addition to the pet product industry can provide much needed protection.
More and more pet owners are including their dogs when engaging in leisure time activity.
You may see dogs with their owners on bicycles, motorcycles, and even ATVs.
In these instances dog goggles can guard against flying debris and also protect against UV rays.
Keep in mind that it may take some time for your pooch to become accustomed to wearing goggles.
Here are a few tips for easing him into a pair: --Allow your dog to sniff and investigate the eyewear, giving him praise and/or a treat as he does so.
--Touch the goggles to his face and around his eyes until he seems to be comfortable with having them around the eye area.
--Once he seems comfortable, slowly put the goggles on him.
If the goggles have tinted lenses, make sure you do this outside where it is bright so he won't be alarmed by the darkness.
Use constant praise during this time.
--Use activity to distract him from pawing at the eyewear or rubbing his face on the ground.
--At first, keep the goggles on him for short periods of time, extending the time with each subsequent wearing.
--In order to lessen the risk of him chewing the goggles, close supervision is important until he's completely comfortable with wearing the goggles.

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