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Hockey Exercise - Arms and Hands

There's no doubt that having quick hands and being strong on the puck are both essential skills to being an effective hockey player.
One way that you can strengthen this aspect of your game is by doing a reel-and-release workout program.
It's really easy to set up and super effective once you get in to the routine of doing it regularly.
Get a one-to-two-foot stick (could be wood, metal, or plastic - doesn't matter so long as it's easy on the hands; that is, it doesn't have sharp edges) and tie some fishing line to it down the middle of the stick.
Have the line extend about three feet down.
At the end of the fishing line, tie some sort of weight to the string.
It could be an actual workout 1 or 2.
5 lb workout weight or it could be some sort of household object (please don't use pets;-) Once the object is tied securely, hold the stick out in front of your chest with straight arms and begin twisting it and reeling in the fishing line.
As the line is captured, you will begin carrying up the weighted object; the burn in your forearms and wrists and hands will begin shortly thereafter.
Once you've reeled in all of the fishing line and the object is up to the stick, simply release the fishing line, allow the object to fall to the ground and repeat the exercise.
To begin pushing yourself, go to new heights when performing this exercise.
Stand on a chair or on steps of a staircase so that you are reeling in more of the weighted fishing line than if you were standing.
When that becomes easy for you, simply replace the weighted object with something heavier.
The important thing when doing this exercise is to keep your arms straight.
The workout really focuses on your forearms, wrists and hands.
If you bend your elbows, you're allowing some of the stress of the lifting to be shifted to your shoulders and back, and the overall effectiveness of this very focused and targeted exercise will be lost.

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